Draw Your Own Video Game with Pixel Press


“What if you could draw your own video game?” That is the question behind pixel press, an innovative app which lets users create and design their own side scroller video game similar to Super Mario Brother. Despite the technological advances in graphics and physics engines, 2 dimensional side scroller games have always held their place in the video game world. They are nostalgic and fun, regardless of their simplicity. Pixel Press, a new kickstarter project which is attempting to find funding by June 14th, aims to allow iphone and, eventually, android owners to do just that.

Quite simply, Pixel Press is a mobile app that lets you draw your own video game and share it with others without the need to write any code. Simply print the template provided, create your own game layout, photograph it with the pixel press app, and upload it to design it with skins and textures. You can even share your games with your friends and play games that they have created.

Watch the video to see more about this amazingly simple app would work if the kickstarter campaign is successful to bring it to fruition.




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