Don’t Throw Stones In Glass Office Buildings


This translucent maze above was created by AIM Architecture in Shanghai’s SOHO Fuxing Plaza. The office building was made for SOHO China, property developers who have been known to push the envelope with their complex and innovative architectural designs.


The space is for rent and is featured as a showcase room, so the architects wanted to leave the building as-is as a way to showoff what potential tenants would actually be getting. With no additional decor, the building includes glass floors, glass screens and windows, mirrored walls, and glass ceilings that clearly (no pun intended) reveal the ventilation ducts and service pipes. The only clear exception (pun intended) is the entrance to the building, which is an all-white corridor.


The space looks like it belongs in a science-fiction movie, 100 years in the future. Looking at the photos, you almost expect a robot to show up at any moment. It is definitely an architectural gem that showcases that simple and clean design can be very eye-catching, indeed.

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