3D printing has been getting a lot of press lately, and rightfully so. It’s exciting stuff with near limitless potential to change the way many things are done. Prototyping alone has been dramatically impacted with design models being able to be produced very quickly and efficiently, and the machines used to create them are pretty inexpensive when compared to traditional methods. However, with the capability of printing just about anything, coupled with it’s declining initial investment, some believe that when the day comes that 3D printers are cheap enough, everyone will have one. And with this the collapse of industry as we know it.¬†Founder of 3D Printing company 3D Print UK, Nick Allen doesn’t think this is a probable outcome. In this article he outlines exactly why he thinks this is not the case, and his opinion holds a good amount of weight considering it’s his gig he’s playing down. Whether or not 3D printing meets it’s exorbitant¬†expectations, for now in it’s relative infancy, the possibilities are excitingly endless.

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