Ember Arts is an jewelry line unlike any other. It exists to help raise money and awareness for women who refuse to give up their dreams. Partnering with 28 women from Uganda who hand make each piece of jewelry out of paper, the company supports the success of women by allowing them to earn money to follow their dreams.

Their story is touching and inspiring, and their jewelry is remarkably affordable, available online and at several retailers throughout the country, but they still need help to get their word out. Turning to good design, Ember released a line of posters built around the support that their products provide. With a central idea that aims to inspire women to “Do More Than Shop”, the company appeals to modern design aesthetics to bring their message to center field.

The posters are visually appealing, using a standout font and inspiring message to bring people to their site, which promotes their humanitarian and family oriented standpoint. The simple elegance of the pieces they sell, all made from recycled materials by the hands of the very women whom the company serves, are available for purchase through the company’s website, where anyone who wants to help can, as their campaign implies, do more than shop.

Visit for more information or to purchase some of these beautifully helpful and unique pieces of jewelry.

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