This post features a compilation of the best DIY costumes we could find that are made out of paper or a paper product (or that actually attempt to be paper). You can click on the titles of each project to see their full tutorials. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Lauren Conrad


We pulled this one from Lauren’s blog. She had a series of guest bloggers share their DIY costume ideas. This could definitely be a lot of fun if you find a couple of friends to join you. “Scissors”, herself, gives LC members the step-by-step tutorial.

Paper Doll: Slap Dash Mom


This one’s fast and easy. You’ll need a poster-board or a foam-board and a real outfit for inspiration. Trace/draw the outfit onto your board, cut it out and add string to secure the neck and waist areas. Don’t forget the matching bag!

Pencil and Notepad: Better Homes and Gardens


This is another costume that works best with a buddy. The “notepads” are actually easel pads that you can buy at most office or teaching supplies stores. BHG even offers a design for the No.2 pencil that you can print out and transfer onto fabric paper. The eraser is just a felt hat attached to a metal start collar with duct tape. 

Crocodile: Evil Mad Scientist


This costumes requires a long, narrow cardboard box and some butcher paper. It’s a little more complicated than the others because the tutorial actually calls for a hobby knife, hot glue gun, stapler, sharpie, and pinking shears. You’ll probably also want to paint your pieces. Some scales will definitely add character to your costume.

Paper Wigs: Martha Stewart


For starters, you’ll need something round to form the wig base with, like a mannequin head or a cabbage. Once you’ve created a firm base, curl strips of paper of your choice (newspaper, colored paper, etc.) with a pair of scissors and stick them to your base with double sided tape.

Snail: Oh Happy Day


The majority of this costume is made from crumpled craft paper. The paper gets rolled and wrapped and turned into a little backpack with some ribbon and a glue gun. If you can’t find colored craft paper, the brown craft paper is easy to paint.

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