This Designer Walks You Through The Creative Process of Rebranding a Moscow Coffee Shop


In this post, designer Illarion Gordon details his creative process while working with fellow artist Maxim Goudin to rebrand the Moscow-based coffee shop chain, Double B Coffee & Tea.

The client could not afford to pay the designers for the work, but Gordon and Goudin took the project pro bono. Gordon describes how he enjoyed having complete creative freedom and remarked on how smoothly it went. “It was a rare feeling of collaboration, in that there wasn’t any one dominant opinion,” he says.

Gordon says he wanted to design a brand for Double B that would reflect their dedication to their craft. He reveals his initial sketches and takes you through his ideas—not all of which were well received—until he finally arrived at a low-poly illustration. That’s when Goudin came in and turned it into a 3D model.

It’s comforting to know that even successful art directors don’t bang out masterpieces on the first try. Read the post to learn more about how the design developed.






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