One of the best parts of being a percussionist has to be that if the need (or the boredom-induced want) arises, the world can be your instrument. No better has this been more evidenced than with the work created by Joseph Bertolozzi. By fusing his love for architecture and his penchant for expressive percussion he creates compelling music in a peculiar way by beating and wailing away on structures. In his earlier work titled ‘Bridge Funk’ Joseph made music using the Hudson Bridge by incorporating very low-tech methods. Hammers, latex mallets, and pieces of wood became his drumsticks, beating architectural drums with rhythmic expertise essentially turning the entire bridge into a drum set. However, his original vision for this piece was to compose this act of musical mayhem with the Eiffel Tower as the locale but eventually settled for the Hudson Bridge when getting the wheels turning on that became too difficult. Since then, after having finished working on ‘Bridge Funk’ Joseph Bertolozzi is at it again and is moving forward with his original French plans to, as he says, listen to the tower’s voice. Currently in production,  Joseph Bertolozzi is recording, cataloguing and sampling some 2000 sounds captured by the noises and vibrations that emanate from the tower and aims to have the piece composed within the next nine months. He doesn’t want to stop there though, as he is also looking to have an exhibition wherein the music would be performed live. Now that would be something truly awesome to see and hear. Read more about Joseph Bertolozzi and his plans to make this reality here.

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