Lifelike Human Sculptures Exhibition Opens In Melbourne

We’ve been exposed to some extremely realistic artwork during these exciting times and the artwork created by Australian sculptor Ronald “Ron” Mueck further pushes the boundaries of just how convincingly realistic a piece of artistic sculpture can be. His silicone creations are different from other talents by fusing hyperrealism with scope and proportion, creating realistic miniatures and bigatures alike . Some of his pieces are built true to scale (this case being the proportions of the human body) while others, despite also being human bodies are, simply put – enormous. He doesn’t only exaggerate the proportions of his subjects by increasing their size either. While some of his crafts take up entire rooms, he also creates much smaller sculptures (in terms of true proportion) without sacrificing the particulars that make his work so intricately defined. The astounding attention to detail in his work evokes memories of wax sculptures and how sometimes you just couldn’t tell whether what you were looking at was a statue or just a person staying very, very still, while also almost suspending belief with his realistic, disproportionate works. Here is an article and collection of 18 of his brilliant masterpieces. Check ’em out and see for yourself  just how convincing his work really is.

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