Creative Flyer Designs to Start your Creative Spark


Flyers are almost synonymous with marketing, and are used for almost every industry and business ranging from groomers to party organizers and retail stores. But when there are so many flyers in circulation, is it even possible to create a design that truly stands out from the crowd?

The short answer is yes, although there is no definitive step by step guide to follow on how exactly to go about doing that. There are, however, plenty of examples that you can learn from. To get your creative juices going, we’ve culled together some of our favorite flyer designs from the World Wide Web, and outlined just what it is that makes these designs stand out. From Corporate designs to club and event flyers these selected designs are the best of the best.

1. Kill ’em With Color

Nothing catches someone’s eyes like vivid, colorful designs, but sometimes, it can be easy to over-do it. The examples below have managed to perfectly balance bright colors with straighforward design, mostly by keeping other elements at a minimal, and relying on flat design trends. With colorful designs, like these incredible flyers (and the cover image) by web design agency LouLou & Tummie, works because it allows the illustration to take center stage, with text minimally contained in a small but necessary space. The design is effective at showcasing the agency’s proprietary style, which they have adapted to their various clients needs.



2. Keep it Simple

Most people wont look at your flyer for more than just a few seconds, so its important to keep things simple and clear, so that your message can be delivered clearly and effectively, with minimal effort on the reader. Using a simple, graphic design can really pull a reader’s attention where you need it to be, ultimately resulting in that flyer being looked at with more focus. The simplicity of these below designs, for example, give the reader only the information they really need: who, what, when.




3. Use Visual Aids

Because people are looking for flyers for such a short period of time, it is sometimes useful to provide them with visual aids that can easily translate complex ideas into simple images. The below design was created for Jimena Gamio to help her in her search for a roommate. Here, the designer cleverly used images to simplify the information presented, allowing it to be much easier to take in, while also giving the flyer an air a bit of flair.


4. Get Graphic
A strong, simple graphic can be the most effective design for a flyer cover. Contrasting colors, creative fonts and well thought out color schemes can add class and appeal to flyers regardless of what they are marketing. The below designs make use of several graphic elements to get their points across and draw readers into the flyer, but all of them use these elements to create a unified look.





5. Corporate Doesn’t Have To Mean Boring

If anyone understands how to have fun with corporate flyer designs, its designer Geoffrey Wowk. His corporate designs perfectly toe the line between visual artistry and corporate restraint. With plenty of information presented in each of the examples below, Wowk still manages to find a way to balance the text with visual elements.






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