Creative Business Cards with Alternative Uses


This post is dedicated to business cards that have a unique duality. Not only do these cards feature the business owner’s contact information, but their design also serves a completely different purpose beyond aesthetic value. These types of cards are becoming more and more popular because the world only gets more hectic by the minute; people appreciate even the smallest gesture towards making their lives easier. We hope this inspires you to think outside the 3.5 x 2 inch box for your next batch of business cards.

Frequent Buyer Cards


Incentivize your customers to hold on to your card by giving them an opportunity to use it to track their visits. Then reward them with a frequent buyer gift or discount.

Envelope of Seeds


Are you a florist, gardener, landscaper, or nursery owner? Send a little piece of your product or service home with your potential clients and watch your business grow.

PH Balance Test

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 6.50.43 PM

People might not even know they’re in need of your service! But if you make your card double as a pH test, you’ll be the first number they call once they get the results.

Coasters (and more coasters)




Help mom keep her glass end tables clean and she’ll be a loyal customer for life.

Appointment Cards


Putting an appointment card on the back of your business card gives your customers the opportunity to commit to their next visit right away. Plus, it makes it less likely that they’ll forget or show up late. (It would be even better as a magnet.)

Guitar Picks


Die-cutting gives you the space to think outside the box.

The Ruler


The more uses your customers can get out of your business card, the more often they’ll pull your card out of their wallet and see your information. The best subliminal message.

Earring Tags


Make sure all of your customers leave your store with one of your business cards by making the cards your price tags.




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