Everyone is familiar with crayons, right? Everyone knows they are used for coloring and are made of wax. Well, why stop there? The level of creativity that can be achieved with something as simple as a crayon is really extraordinary. As seen in the image above, some artists like to take crayons to the next level by carving  eye-catching shapes out of them. If you are the type of person who can spend all day shaving away bits of wax, then this is a project for you. However, it is not easy by any means and takes a lot of tedious practice.

So for the novice artist, we’ve featured some DIY art projects you can do at home with crayons.



Create a beautiful painting that is sure to grab a few ohhhs and ahhhs using crayons and your hair dryer. Grab a white canvas, super glue the crayons onto the top of the canvas in whichever order your artistic mind pleases and then simply grab a hair dryer, point it at your crayons and turn it on. By funneling hot air over the crayons, they melt, and you can watch as your modern art unfolds in front of you.



Door wreaths can always add a little something to a room, but why buy one when you can create one? All you need is a circular base, whether it be foam or metal rings. Grab the crayons you would like to incorporate and super glue/hot glue them around the base. You can even add stickers, ribbon or old ornaments to your crayons for an even more personal touch.



Don’t know what to give someone for their birthday? Easy, make them crayon monogram art in a frame. This is an easy gift for teachers, as well. All you need is a frame, crayons, glue and a piece of paper with a nice quote about the person on it. First using a stencil or just drawing freehand, sketch your letters on to the paper you are using as a background for your art. Then arrange your crayons into the letters you want to use. Then, using scissors, cut your crayons down to fit and hot glue them onto your background.¬† Using a store-bought frame, place your artwork into the frame and you’re done. Now you have a personalized gift that is sure to be loved.

How to Make Candles Out of Crayons


Do you really love candles? Well why not make your own? You can achieve this by picking up glasses or small vases from the craft store and some candle wicks. Place pieces of crayon (sans wrappers), layered by color inside your glasses. Then place these glasses into a pot of boiling water. Once the crayon wax starts to melt into a thick liquid, place your wicks in and let them sink to the bottom, holding one end out of the liquid.  Carefully remove the hot glass and let it cool down. Once you are done, you will have the most-colorful candles around. You can also add essential oils if you like your candles scented.



A crayon bowl is perfect for a gift or a basket for your children’s crayons and crafting goods. Grab a bowl glass or plastic and hot-glue the crayons on the outer surface of the bowl. That’s all it takes to make these quirky storage containers.



Is your room lacking a little color? Well here’s a great solution. By placing small bits of crayon between two sheets of wax paper and melting them into small discs with an iron, you can create your very own colorful chandelier. Just wait until the discs cool down and then using a needle, make small holes in your discs and string them together with dental floss. By stringing multiple color strands together, you will have an artistic chandelier in no time. Good luck!


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