Markers are everywhere. Children and adults alike use them all the time. Whether it’s a kid using one to create abstract drawings to adorn their parent’s refrigerator, a student using one to highlight important excerpts from studious reading material, or even a warehouse worker using one to label boxes of merchandise, markers are used by everyone, everywhere. But what happens to these often used writing and doodling utensils when the ink that once fueled their colorful intentions dries up? It renders them completely useless, warranting a prompt trip to the trash can, right? Wrong. Niagara Falls manufacturer JBI Inc. and Crayola have come together with a campaign that proves their usefulness ends not with the drying of their internal ink wells. The recycling program named “Color Cycle” is one that provides a means for schools all over the country to send them their unwanted markers (they even cover the cost of shipping) and recycle them into the world’s most precious resource – gasoline. It doesn’t stop with just markers though. Shampoo and pill bottles, coffee containers, paint buckets and other dense polyethylene containers have been used to produce 317, 000 gallons of fuel just last year alone. John Bordynuik , founder of JBI says:

“Partnering with Crayola is a unique opportunity for our company, we look forward to a relationship that reduces the amount of plastic entering landfills while also creating cleaner, lower sulphur fuels.”

Read more in detail about this incredible dual beneficial approach towards a cleaner, better environment here.

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