Coin Lets You Slim Down Your Wallet in a Way an App Never Could


As far as practicality goes, Coin could very well be the most useful new product to hit the market. See Coin was created with a simple purpose: to help users slim down their wallets and keep track of their stuff by storing all their membership cards, loyalty program cards, credit cards and debit cards into one small, usb powered credit card sized memory card.

Sure, there are plenty of apps that allow you to do the same thing using your smartphone. Apps like, My Key Ring and Appleā€™s built in Passbook all have similar features. But what sets this connected device apart from the apps that can downloaded and stored, is the fact that it is a physical and tangible thing, shaped and sized like a credit card that lets you scan all the cards you normally carry in your wallet, and then works just like a regular card. To use it, you swipe it the same way you would a regular card. Coin also comes with a mobile app that allows you manage your cards, and also comes with bluetooth alerts that you track your device, alerting you when it is out of reach from your phone.

Shipping for the card begins summer 2014, but those of you that anxious to reduce the size of the lump in your pocket or purse, pre-orders are being accepted now via the Coin website.




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