Clever Street Artist Personifies Inanimate Objects, Structures and Derelict Architecture


Have you ever seen a particular piece of architecture that seemed to have eyes that followed you as you passed by or possessed certain characteristics that made it look as though it could be alive? No? Me neither. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or can’t be done. In fact, this exact quality is one that is clearly captured and recognized by the keen eyes and imaginative mind of one creative street artist. Whether it be an old weather-worn water tower or an abandoned building barely remaining upright, when caught in the gaze of Russian street artist Nikita Nomerz, they become the concrete canvases upon which he creates his stunning work in his impressive “Living Wall” series. Graffiti is a dividing issue for some. While some forms deface and destroy property, others (such as this one) bring new life to otherwise defeated and forgotten structures. Found here is a fantastic collection of the various masterpieces created by this┬áNizhniy Novgorod native that cleverly creates new visages from decrepit architecture.




Category: Inspiration