Clever Door Hanger Design Ideas

Door hangers are popularly found in hotel rooms, and serve a simple purpose in that setting: to let hotel management and caretakers know its okay to go inside. However, door hangers can have immense marketing impact, and are an easy way to reach out to a close market of potential customers.

To that end, we’ve scoured the world wide web to put together a curated list of amazing examples of door hangers used in marketing. From creative ambigrams to custom shapes, the possibilities are truly endless.

1. The Keeper

Door hangers run a decent risk of being easily tossed. Avoiding the waste bin is one of the main reasons why designers opt to create designs that people want to keep around. Whether they can be useful reference materials for the future, such as designs with calendars and conversion tools, or tips and tricks or because they are so cleverly designed that they are worth holding onto, some door hangers have a shelf life much longer than others.

calendar door hanger


2. The Custom Shape Hanger

Humans are habitual creatures, we expect things to be a certain way because that is how we have been conditioned. Breaking the mold can be one of the easiest ways to get noticed. A door hanger with a custom shape can be easy to spot and stands a better chance of being looked at. What’s even better, custom shapes aren’t even that hard to create, and some can even be done at home with nothing more than scissors.

3. The Ambigram Design

An ambigram is a word, art form or other symbolic representation, whose elements retain meaning when viewed from a different direction. Ambigrams can say the same thing in multiple directions, but most often, juxtaposing messages are used to create a dichotomous design. They can be clever, fun and worth keeping, and definitely draw attention.


4. The Minimalist

Walking into your home, you hardly have the time to dedicate more than a few seconds to reading the information presented on a door hanger, so minimalist designs can be quite effective. Because of their stark layouts, simple images and easy-to-read fonts, minimalist designs are right at home on a door hanger, where your message will stand out in a simple, easy-to-take-in design.


5. The Coupon Clipper

The people you distribute door hangers to are most likely already in your area. Why not urge them to come visit your business with a clever “locals only” discount. With door hangers distributed door-to-door in a neighborhood or specific area, you can easily target the people most likely to already have seen or heard about your business.

coupon behance

6. The Menu Hanger

Any house you visit is bound to have a drawer full of delivery and take out menus, and what better way to get your menu to potential clients who are ready to order than to leave it waiting for them right at their door? Door hangers are an excellent way to get your menus out there, and even if they aren’t displayed for all to see, there is a good chance whoever lives in the house will hold onto the menu for one of those days where they are just craving some take out. Menu door hangers can also be left on your own restaurant’s door, so that visitors who come by after hours can still grab a copy of your menu for future use.

foodlovedoor hanger





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