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Over the last 800 years and well into today’s digital age, printing has managed to evolve with mankind and facilitate so many of our revolutionary endeavors. We are constantly redesigning its capabilities to suit our ever-changing needs; it is truly The Giving Tree of technologies; the gift that keeps on giving.

One of printing’s most-recent contributions to society is 3D bio printing. Yes, that’s right, 3D printing that produces human body parts. And the leader in the bio-printing race is China (of course). They have recently unveiled the most advanced bio printer in the world. It takes real biological materials, such as cells, and places them inside the cartridge. The finished parts are then stored in petri dishes like the in the photo above. Chinese researchers say they are working towards being able to print solid organs like hearts and livers, but that is still a ways away. You can watch the machine print a pair of ears in the video below.

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