In Zundert, a small Dutch town in the Netherlands, flowers are taken pretty very seriously. Proof of this claim is plentifully evident with mere mention of the Bloemencorso, also known as the Flower Parade. This annual celebration, wherein those impressively crafted floral sculptures you see above and below are part of, is but two of the many inconceivably beautiful arrangements created for this (seriously) gigantic event. Since it’s inception back in 1936, the Flower Parade has become a very competitive event. Pushing the limits of what can possibly be created. There are some who may not be keen on the idea of attending a parade, so for you jaded paraders out there found here and here are some photographs of insanely brilliant floats that could easily pass off as something Edward Scissorhands might have crafted himself (and some that actually look like they’re out of even his league). Check them out and be amazed.


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