Change Is Always Good. Or Is It? The Evolving Logos of 10 Popular Brands


In most cases (if not all) designing a company logo is a pretty daunting task. After all, this single design decision will, in the end, serve as your company’s public identity and is undoubtedly of paramount importance.¬†Choosing the right typeface, pondering whether or not to have a symbol, considering colors, letter spacing etc. All this brainstorming is done in an attempt to create an identity that conveys the right feelings and/or emotions to your potential customers through your brand. Even when you’ve managed to land a successful one, this typographical countenance will probably need a facelift of some kind to stay in stride with the times, and this creative undertaking is one possessing equal brain-busting qualities, and as such, are not always successful or well received. You will be faced with the decision of either taking the path that is more subtle, making slight changes to the composition while maintaining a similar feel, or bringing out the wrecking ball and just flat out changing it altogether. Both options can be successful given just the right amount of thought and perspective and found here is a collection of some well-known company logos depicting this principle and illustrates where these huge businesses were then and where they are now.




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