Category: Typography

Font of the Week: Loft Yian

With its sweeping lines, calligraphy brush inspired typeface Loft Yian t is the perfect handwritten typeface for your next project.

Font of the Week: Saline

This week’s featured font is a nautical inspired brush script that offers unique bumpy lines and comes jammed packed with extras.

The Top Three Resources for Free Fonts

Fonts don’t always have to break the bank. Take advantage of these 3 resources to get your fill of free fonts for all your design needs.

Font of the Week: XXII Geom

Geom is a geometric font designed to be easy to read in any application. With 8 weights, ilatics and ligatures, it may be the only sans serif font you ever need to license.

Fresh Typography: More than just letters

Typography is much more than just letters. When done right, typography can become standout art in its own right.

Signs of Italy: Exploring 200 Years of Italian Lettering

From historic carvings to hand lettered marquees, explore 200 years of Italian lettering in Signs of Italy, a new book by James Clough.

Font of the Week: Amsterdam Script

The grungy Amsterdam script is perfect for typography projects that focus on text.

Font of the Week: Virtual

The Virtual typeface is a linear font that plays with the shapes of letters, and looks like something out of Tron.

Font of the Week: Drugs Condensed

The drugs condensed font family is designed for pharmaceutical companies, but its clean, balanced lines make it suitable for just about any use.

Font of the Week: Thistle Creek

Thistle Creek is a beautiful western inspired slab font that is perfect for headings and large signage work.

Font of the Week: Benson Script

The benson script font provides all the fun flair of an ornamental typeface, but packs in some strict modernist geometry for a beautiful, versatile typeface.

Font of the Week: Heinemann

characterized by longer ascenders and descenders, the clean, modern Heinemann font family can help children and readers to distinguish between letters.

Font of the Week: Libertine

The slab serif Libertine font is the perfect typeface for designs that need to be noticed, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Learn Japanese with the Phonetikana Font

Phonetikana combines traditional Japanese characters with their phonetic pronunciations so English speakers can better understand the language.

The 5 Best Typefaces for Your Holiday Cards

Holiday cards, newsletters and slideshows often call for seasonally appropriate typefaces. Here are some of our favorites.