Category: Technology

An Algorithm That Lets You Take The Scenic Route

A Yahoo Labs team headed by Daniele Quercia in Barcelona has developed an algorithm that guides you on the most scenic route, rather than the quickest.

The Many Uses of Virtual Reality

Designed for virtual reality gaming, the Oculus Rift is now being used for much more than just video games. From piloting tanks to flying, check out the many uses of this amazing technology.

High Tech Summer: Four Essential Tools To Beat the Heat

Summer isn’t summer without some heat, so here are 4 essential summer gadgets From solar powered umbrellas to waterproof boom boxes, to stay cool in high tech style.

Analogue Nt: A NES Clone for Today's Audience

The NES and Super NES are arguably some of the most-popular gaming systems to date. For their time, the systems brought a vast number of capabilities and graphic qualities previously unseen to the masses. They marked the birth of gaming as we know it. These systems were so important that even as new gaming systems […]

GoKey: Charger, Device Locator, USB Cable and a Flash Drive In One

Considering all of the things we carry on a daily basis, it’s nice to see several multifunctional gadgets designed as something small enough to be carried around on a key ring. The GoKey, for example, jams a charger with enough battery power to keep your smartphone going for two hours, a sync cable that can […]

The Future of Google's Glass May Include a Makeover

When Google first announced its augmented reality glasses, many excited gadget fiends were terribly let down by its overwhelmingly unsightly appearance. Sure, it was available in a small range of colors, but for as many digital features as it packed, it still lacked terribly in design, which made many potential buyers reticent to shell out […]

The Foaster Iphone Toaster Dock

All of the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c owners that love to keep their iPhones charging in the kitchen will fall in love with the Foaster. The uniquely designed iPhone charging station is made to look like a toaster sitting on your counter. This adorable little gadget is actually making its second attempt at finding […]

Make Any Speaker Wireless With Beep

Imagine being able to play music from your computer out of your vintage record player. With Beep, that fantasy is now a reality. Beep is a sleek, Wi-fi enabled device that connects to any stereo system or speaker, allowing you to stream music wirelessly. The device is compatible with almost every powered-speaker system, so long […]

Drawing in 3D With Gravity

One of the most exciting new technologies to gain popularity following this year’s CES convention in Las Vegas was the Oculus Rift, which we listed as one of the 5 new technologies that will change your life in April of 2013. Now it seems that the growing popularity of the Oculus Rift and other augmented […]

Sound1 Bluetooth Speakers by 11+

Designed by Korean studio 11+, the beautiful Bluetooth-enabled Sound1 Speakers are a simple solution for those looking to upgrade the sound quality of their Bluetooth-enabled devices. The speakers easily connect to portable devices and computers to provide clear and crisp stereo sound, which in most cases is a significant improvement over the built-in speakers found […]

Gig’s To Go: The New Way to Share

While many millennials may not know this, there was in fact a time when computer memory and digital storage was actually expensive, back before the days where gigs were being thrown around like pennies and the biggest thing available in portable memory was the the double-sided, high-density (HD) 1.44 MB disk drive. These days, however, […]

It's Okay to Call Your Radiator 'Cute'

These days, everything looks like art. And if it doesn’t look like art, it’s probably not designed to be out within sight. The latest generic household item to take on a new, presentable form is the radiator. Designed by Satyendra Pakhalé to teeter on the line between small electrical good and sculptural installation, the Kangeri […]

Conversnitch: The Eavesdropping Lamp that Tweets what You Say

Built by artists Kyle McDonald and Brian House,  Conversnitch is the new device that records, transcribes and tweets your “private” conversations on Twitter in real time. The small device is made using nothing more than a raspberry pi computer, a microphone, an LED light and a plastic flower pot and screws into any standard light […]

2017 Will Be The Year Of The Talking Car

As the future approaches, society’s demands from the technology that surrounds it increases. We want our televisions to respond to our voice. We want our home entertainment systems to be hands-free. We want our cars to park themselves. We want everything possible that will make our lives easier. Why not then, also make it safer […]

With Kloof, Your Pet Can Become a Social Media Celebrity

In a mere 3 years since its launch, Instagram has become one of the most prominent platforms for social networking, recently surpassing both Facebook and Twitter in popularity amongst teens. Now, drawing upon the platform’s popularity and humanity’s love of animals, creative director Jane Chung along with Alejandro Russo and Mario Encina have founded a […]