Category: Technology

Turning Pollution Into Ink: The Future of Clean Printing

the Kaala, a device invented by MIT scientists is capable of turning pollution into printer ink using nothing more than vodka and olive oil.

The Roll-Up Touch Screen is Finally Real

Using thin, durable and energy efficient epaper ink with a state of the art method of producing electronic components from liquid, Chicago startup company Polyera could be on the cusp of revolutionizing the electronics market with their bendable screen.

Lily: The Self Flying Robot Camera

The new Lily Camera is a self flying drone camera that follows your movements so you can focus on your activity.

Download Pixar's Rendering Software - For Free!

Renderman, the program that was used to create disney’s UP and Toy Story is now available as a free download.

MOTi: The Little Robot that Can Change Your Behavior

This adorable little robot can help you form better habits in a way that could never be possible with a smartphone or wearable tracker.

New Furniture From Ikea Can Charge Your Accessories Without Wires

Ikea announces a new line of furniture hitting stores this spring that wirelessly charges your smartphones and devices.

E-TRACES Bring High Technology to the World of Ballet

A small sensor in a ballet shoe can help dancers learn from their mistakes, avoid injury, and track, review and compare their dances.

A Tiny Box that Allows True Anonymity on the Net

A tiny adapter called the Anonabox grants users complete anonymity and censorship-aversion anywhere its used using Tor software.

Wall Art that Charges Your Iphone

Spira is an interactive iPhone charger that uses the magnetic principle of inductive charging to create a responsive charging station that doubles as a wall clock.

A Robot That Can Build Itself

Watch the video of a robot, created by MIT researchers, as it builds itself and then walking away.

Niice: A Search Engine For Designers

Part search engine, part image aggregation site, Niice is a new search engine for designers that lets users privately create moodboards for inspiration.

MIT's Tangible Media Group Redefines the User Interface

Students of MIT’s Tangible Media Group have created the inForm, a Tangible User Interface aimed at changing the way we interact with digital information.

Scribble, The World's First Color Matching Pen

Scribble, the first pen that can capture and match every color in the world both on your tablet or phone as well as on a physical sheet of paper, relauches its kickstarter this week.

Sphelar: Graf's LED Flashlight Powered by Spherical Solar Cells

Osaka-based design firm, Graf, has designed a new solar flashlight for the Moma Store. The Sphelar is powered by spherical solar cells that can provide up to four hours of LED light.

Airtype: A Keyboard without A Keyboard

A new Texas based start-up has created a keyboardless keyboard. Called the Airtype, the device allows users to turn any surface into a working keyboard for on-the-go use.