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Only Six Months After the Olympics and Sochi is a Ghost town

Not more than six months after the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, the olympic site has turned into a desolate and abandoned instant ruin.

Amazing Island Footage Shot With A Drone

Video of Surfers off the coast of the Mentawai Islands shot with a drone by Paul Borrud.

The Manual Coffee Maker Is Surprisingly Beautiful

In a world ever focused on speed and convenience, the Manual Coffeemaker, or MCM, a pour-over coffee maker that lives on the countertop in a home or office, breaks the mold by turning the act of making coffee in a ritual.

The Science behind the Colors of Logos

Scientists have long studied the effects of colors on our perception, and as designers its important to understand these effects. Check out this easy to understand guide of how we perceive colors, and the sentiments and emotions that we associate with them.

Vantablack is the New Black: Material So Dark You Can't See It

British company Surrey NanoSystems has managed to produce a material called Vantablack that absorbs all but 0.035 percent of visual light. Vantablack is made of carbon nanotubes and is so dark that the human eye cannot process contours and shapes making the color appear to be an endless abyss.

Trapper Keeper Revisited: A New Purpose for An Old Favorite

Flashback Alert: 90’s favorite, the Trapper Keeper, makes a return as a tablet case in a new collaboration between Mead and Kesington.

Time Lapse Video Shows A Sunset in Beautiful Detail

Time-Lapse Captured by astrophotographer Göran Strand with Solar Telescope Shows a Sunset in Magnificent Detail.

Combining Dance with Light Projection for Spectacular Perfomances

Light mapping and light displays have long been a part of concert performances. With the increasing popularity of electronic dance music and audience goer’s ever insatiable need to be constantly bombarded with visual stimulation, light shows are becoming more and more technically elaborate. Now the same kind of lighting effects that are deployed during concerts […]

Ten Affordable Mother's Day Gifts Besides Chocolate and Flowers

Let’s face it. Mom only needs so many scarves. Chocolate and flowers are okay if you live out of town, but otherwise, it’s time you got a little more creative. And we’re here to help! You don’t have to send her on a cruise or buy her a Rolex to make her feel special or […]

People Fail to Recognize Loved Ones Dressed as Homeless People

In this recent campaign called Make Them Visible, created by Silver + Partners ad agency and Smuggler production company for the New York City Rescue Mission,  several people posed as vagrants on the streets of SoHo and Tribeca. The amazing part is that they each came face-to-face with a family member and not one of the participants […]

Video of a Man Walking Backwards Through Tokyo Played in Reverse

Talk about meta—this awesome video of a man walking through crowds of backwards-walking people is actually much more bizarre than that. That’s because the man in the video, Ludovic Zuili, is actually the only one walking backwards, but the video is being played in reserve. The video is just a short clip from an incredibly long, […]

Get Up Close and Personal with a Giraffe

Get up close and personal with the world’s tallest animal in last week’s GoPro Video of the Week. The company, whose cameras are marketed to athletes, explorers, cyclists and overall active-types, picks through its user-submitted videos each week to present the amazing video possibilities of their namesake cameras. Last week, the spotlight was on wildlife […]

Zombie-Survival Plan... You know, Just in Case

Zombies. They have fascinated humans for as long as we can remember. Zombies have a complex cultural heritage, being primarily associated with Hatian folklore, but finding their way into popular culture as far back as 1800 and never letting go of the grip their undead hands hold on our fascination. There’s just something about the […]

Six Beautiful Displays of Daytime Fireworks

The world has loved celebrating with fireworks since they were first invented by the Chinese in what is believed to have been the 7th century. The Chinese introduced the explosive art to the Arabs in the 13th century and later to the Europeans in the 17th century. Most will agree that watching fireworks light up the night […]

Venom and Flubber had a Baby and it's Called Ferrofluid

Ferrofluid is a liquid that contains magnetic properties, allowing its nanoparticles to ride magnetic fields, which cause it to spike like a Minesweeper bomb. You have to see it to understand the awesomeness. (Plus, it could possibly cure cancer.) Source Average Rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 156 user reviews. [ | | | […]