Category: Spotlight

The Booster Seat of The Future is Surprisingly Low-Tech

The booster seat of the future promises ultimate portability and safety without any unnecessary frills.

The Drinkable Book Makes Water Safe To Drink

The Drinkable Book, with its silver nanoparticle embedded pAge drinking paper pages, could provide the world’s developing countries with clean water in a wholly ingenious way.

Studio Cheha's "3D" Reading Lamps

Tel Aviv based Studio Cheha is bringing 3-dimensional design back to the 2nd Dimension. The lamp latest in their bulbous lamp series gives the illusion of a 3-dimensional design using engraved acrylic and perspective.

A Better Butter Dispenser: How Simple Design Can Improve Even the Simplest of Things

Sometimes, a great invention can be the most unexpected of household items.

The Psychology of Color Pencil Set

Color has long had a psychological effect on people, now a color pencil set, celebrates the effect that each color can have on us.

Skip the Factory: These Trees Grow into Furniture

UK-based company Full Grown offers a simpler, more eco-friendly way to manufacture wooden furniture with trees that grow into lamps, chairs and tables.

Quick Tips for A Memorable Memorial Day Campaign

creating memorable memorial day campaigns doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are 4 simple tips that even last minute marketers can take advantage of.

Could HERO Replace QWERTY?

There are some good iPhone keyboards out there, but they all share one problem: the inefficient QWERTY layout designed in 1873. HERO Keyboard now aims to change that.

What Color Is It: Telling Time in Color

Created by Berlin-based artist and designer James E. Murphy, What Color Is It is a website that translates the current time (based on a 24-hour clock) into a corresponding hex color value.

Four Celebrities That Were Graphic Designers

Before they were celebrities, these 4 artists began their careers as graphic designers.

How Your Kid Really Feels About Your Modernist Decor

See how kids really feel about your modern decor in this adorable short film about young girl’s absolute embarrassment over her architect parents’ modernist ways.

A behind the scenes view of the hard work that goes into putting together a stop motion film, courtesy of Laika, the production studio responsible for Coraline and The Boxtrolls.

Show of Your Pantone On Your KeyBoard with Brightkey

Brightkey teams up with Pantone to bring color to the newly customizable iOS keyboard.

Meet Miito: A Better Kettle

Miito, a small induction heating device, can replace your traditional kettle and help save water and electrictiy with its simple, straightforward application.

Stunning Time-Lapse Video Shot by Astronaut While Orbiting Earth

Stunning time-lapse footage of the Earth shot from the International Space Station by Astronaut Alexander Gerst in 4k definition.