Category: Photography

The Strange Family Photos of Susan Copich

Susan Copich, actress and a mother of two from New York, has taken a darkly humorous approach towards traditional family photography with a series of daring images entitled “Domestic Bliss.”

Extraordinary Photos That Have Never Been Seen

the photographic collection showcased by Magnum Photography is a truly beautiful collection of lost images.

Underwater Photos that Shed Light on What Lies Beneath the Surface

Amazing photos reveal what lies beneath the water’s surface, often much to the surprise of those above.

Photographer Recreates Famous Photos with John Malkovich

Photographer and reknown celebrity photographer Sandro Miller, recreates famous photographs using John Malkovich as his model. The results are hilarious.

The Simple Perfection of Peter Larson's Photography

A showcase of Cleveland, Ohio based photographer Peter Larson’s incredible portfolio of photographic portraits.

Paris Through Pentax

The city of Paris as seen through the viewfinder of a Pentax 67 shot on a Blackmagic pocket camera is amazingly beautiful.

The World's Real Selfie Pioneers

Take a look at some of the earliest selfies ever taken including the first ever selfie and the first space selfie.

Portraits of People When Shot With A Stun Gun

Photographer and F-stopper Patrick Hall captures candid portraits by electrocuting his subjects with a stun gun the second the camera goes off.

The Insane Illegal Photography of Skywalkers

daredevil skywalkers climb everything they can find to take some of the most mind-blowing images you’ve ever seen.

Nolan Luther's Explosive Food Photography

Photographer Nora Luther photographs the ingredients of recipes in mid-air for an explosive view of famous dishes.

Photographer Reunited With Lost Photos After 50 Years

83-year-old, award-winning photographer Ken Heyman was recently reunited with a photo series he did over 50 years ago. The photos were found in a box in the office of his former agent, Woodfin Camp. Inside the box were photos that Heyman took of mothers and their children all over the world.

Photographer Gives Kids A Chance To Fight Monsters From Their Nightmares

French photographer Laure Fauvel has given children a chance to fight off the monsters from their nightmares her new photo series called Terreurs. The photos feature small children engaged in battle with the monsters that lurk under their beds and in their closets.

Margarita Kareva's Fantasy Art Photography

Russian photographer Margarita Kareva specializes in fantasy art photography. Her vibrant work conjures feelings of magic and fairy tales and a real understanding of color.

Hungry Planet: Everything An average Family Consumes in a Week

Almost a year since its publication, we revisit the photos by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio that became the Hungry Planter series showcased at the Nobel Peace Center earlier this year. The images give great insight into the vast cultural and dietary differences between the worlds residents.

Photographer Arthur Tress' Hospital Constructions

Photographer Arthur Tress spent the early 1980s transforming this abandoned hospital on New York’s Roosevelt Island into a colorful, twisted wonderland.