Category: Photography

Ultra High-Definition Bug Portraits

The incredible ultra high definition images of Levon Biss allow users to get a rarely seen glimpse of the close up world of insects.

Photographer Captures Couples Over the Course of 30 Years

Photographer Barbara Davitz captures photos of 12 couples over 30 years to capture the changing nature of relationships and the fashion of the times.

"Midnight Modern" Photography by Tom Blachford

These Palm Springs home photographed in the moonlight by Tom Blachford for his Midnight Modern series look like beautiful paintings.

Vacuum Sealed People: The Art of Photographer Hal

Haruhiko Kawaguchi, aka Photographer Hal, asks his subjects to climb into a bag he then vacuums the air out of in order to take their photos.

Whimsical Pet Portraits by a Disgruntled Ex-Husband.

When his wife leaves him and takes everything in his apartment, a man and his dog get creative with some markers to create a series of whimsical photographs.

Photography by the Homeless of London

100 cameras were handed out to the homeless people of London. The resulting images showcase the incredible relationship that these street dwellers have with the city they call home.

Blake Little Covers Models in Honey for His Latest Collection

Portrait photographer Blake Little covered models in honey for his “Preservation” series.

Beautiful Aerial Photos Of Cruise Ships

photographer Jeffrey Milstein revisits the aesthetics of massive Cuise ships from a new angle: above

Capturing One Woman's Weight Loss Through Clever Photography

Woman loses 150 lb. and captures weight loss in a creative pop culture inspired photo series.

Food Gradients: The Photography of Brittany Wright

Seattle based photographer and food lover Brittany Wright creates strangely hypnotic art from the food she has in her kitchen.

Make Beautiful Images with the Double Exposure Kit from SparkleStock

The Double Exposure Kit from SparkleStock includes numerous professional Adobe Photoshop actions as well as a collection of free gradients and textures that allow you to make beautiful double exposure shots with ease.

Creating Crazy Cat Ladies Using Multiple Exposures

PHotographer Adreanna Lupien creates crazy optical illusion photographs using cats and their owners.

Trey Ratcliff’s Mesmerizing Burning Man Photos

The Burning Man photography by Trey Ratcliff stands out through his impressive use of HDR to bring scenes from the desert to life in splendid color.

2D Objects Combine to Create a 3D Effect

Similarly to math where a negative number multiplied by another negative number equals a positive number, O’Keefe combines two-dimensional objects (a picture of a picture) in an effort to create a three-dimensional optical illusion.

The Surreal Photography of Christopher McKenney

Christopher McKenney explores Horror Surrealist photography with his haunting images.