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One Man Tried To Fly Across the Atlantic Ocean With Clusters of Helium Filled Balloons

What you see above, floating colorfully in the sky is the vessel upon which North Carolina native Jonathan Trappe had hoped to use to set a world record by crossing the Atlantic. That’s right ladies and gents. This guy valiantly tried to achieve a trans-atlantic voyage with the aid of a large cluster of 370 balloons. Sounds […]

Dergin Tokmak: A Very Inspiring Dancer

There are plenty of random, interesting videos on the Internet, but when you come across a video of Danish Dancer Dergin Tokmak, it’s almost impossible not to stop and watch. At the tender age of 8, Tokmak was diagnosed with polio. Losing almost all feeling and becoming partially paralyzed from the legs down, he refused […]

Clever Street Artist Personifies Inanimate Objects, Structures and Derelict Architecture

Have you ever seen a particular piece of architecture that seemed to have eyes that followed you as you passed by or possessed certain characteristics that made it look as though it could be alive? No? Me neither. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or can’t be done. In fact, this exact quality is […]

"The Secret Story of TOYS" - Toy Sculptors Sure Have An Awesome Job

One way to gauge if you’re enjoying your life as much as possible is by weighing in on something you are probably spending most of your time on : your job. Does it bring you joy and happiness? Is it challenging and rewarding? Does your occupation speak to you on a deep, personal level connecting you […]

26 Creative Repurposed Furniture

Ever stop to look around your house and see old, broken furniture just collecting dust? Chances are these items will either find themselves in the dumpster soon or will just collect some more dust. That is until some DIY and imagination come together to turn junk into usable, one-of-a-kind furniture. The possibilities are endless when […]

Crayola's "Color Cycle" Does It's Part To Help Convert Old, Dry Markers Into Useful Fuel

Markers are everywhere. Children and adults alike use them all the time. Whether it’s a kid using one to create abstract drawings to adorn their parent’s refrigerator, a student using one to highlight important excerpts from studious reading material, or even a warehouse worker using one to label boxes of merchandise, markers are used by […]

The Cassette Tape Portraits Created By This Artist Are the 'Reel' Deal

Things have changed immensely in recent years when it comes to listening to our favorite tunes. For a few bucks a month, or even for free in some cases (lookin’ at you, pirates) you can have unlimited access to any and all music from a variety of sources. Among the various vehicles for music quickly […]

Art You Can Eat! - Bon Appétit

The phrase, ”Don’t play with your food!”  has been drilled into our heads and dining etiquette since as far back as we can remember, but luckily for us there are people like Hong Yi, that never quite grasped that idea. With nothing more than a white plate as her canvas and food as her medium, […]

Here Are 7 Ways To Increase Creativity From a Very Influential Ad Creative

“Do interesting things and interesting things will happen to you.” These are the immortal words from Sir John Hegarty, cofounder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and one of the most, if not the most, profoundly gifted advertising minds for the better part of a century, giving us memorable works such as the ‘Launderette’ commercial for Levi’s as […]

4th of July is Nigh - Whet Your Appetite For Combustion With This Collection of Firework Displays From Around the World

Independence Day is upon us, folks. If ever there is a night to be out enjoying the evening sky, it’s definitely the 4th of July. You’re likely making plans to hang with family and friends to eventually watch on as the night sky lends itself as a canvas for the colorfully explosive artwork fired off […]

Top 5 Father's Day Ads That Sell Sentiment

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to stop and think about everything dad has done for you. Whether teaching you to ride your bike, or imparting life lessons that you will always carry with you, a dad’s job is a tough one. That’s why when it comes to commercials and advertising, we […]

Unusual Stock: Moving Past the Paper Business Card

While the paper business card serves its purpose as an effective and highly customizable form of self marketing and identification, sometimes you need something with a little bit impression power to leave your mark on that big fish you are trying to land. With some creative ingenuity, you can find a card that will not […]

Crossing the Uncanny Valley - 18 Stunning Sculptures By Ronald Mueck

We’ve been exposed to some extremely realistic artwork during these exciting times and the artwork created by Australian sculptor Ronald “Ron” Mueck further pushes the boundaries of just how convincingly realistic a piece of artistic sculpture can be. His silicone creations are different from other talents by fusing hyperrealism with scope and proportion, creating realistic miniatures and bigatures […]

Givver's Social Media Giving Day for Non-Profit Tweeting

Here at, we know the value of giving back and do a lot of pro bono work on behalf of our community. We greatly encourage our readers and clients to do the same and contribute their time and products whenever possible. So we were pleased to hear about the new way social media is […]

Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Art - Where We See Dirty Cars, This Artist Sees a Clean Canvas

You know it’s time for a car wash when someone goes out of their way to drag their judgmental finger across your back window leaving the timeless “wash me” message on your car from your car. But what if your dirty vehicle could suddenly become an automotive, artistic masterpiece? That is exactly what artist Scott […]