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Awesome Door Hanger Designs for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Check out this collection of well done, beautiful, unique and standout door hangers that will ensure that your message makes it into your target’s homes, helping you make the most out of marketing budget.

Creative Examples of Non-Holiday Greeting Cards

Greeting cards aren’t just for the holidays. These fun cards can be sent to clients throughout the year, helping you build long term relationships.

Creative Flyer Designs to Start your Creative Spark

13 examples of beautiful flyer designs to inspire you for your next project, and tips on how to get the biggest impact.

Clever Door Hanger Design Ideas

A collection of creative door hanger design ideas to get you inspired.

5 Great Uses for Postcards

Postcards can be more than just “wish you were here”. With a little creativity, they can advertise, invite, announce and even serve as art pieces. Here are 5 alternative uses for truly memorable postcards.

Lighting Projects That Aren't JUST For Christmas

Use your holiday lighting everyday with these great interior decorating lighting tips for your home.

Google's Zeitgeist Video: The Best Year End List We've Seen So Far

As 2013 finds itself zooming towards its close, year-end best-of lists are being compiled and shared on every possible platform by every possible publisher, none more important than Google. As they do annually, the internet services provider has put together an almost blindingly long list of this year’s top-trending searches. The list itself is worth […]

Skype Proves the Power of Advertising is About Emotional Connection

Skype’s ability to connect people over long distances has never been more apparent, or poignantly beautiful than illustrated by the story of Sarah and Paige. The girls met on Skype eight years ago when they were both eight-years-old. Both girls were born without a left arm and found solidarity over the miles (Sarah lives in […]

Socially Conscious Mobile Apps Make Giving Easier Than Ever

There is an app for everything, and just when you think there’s nothing else that there could possibly be an app for, another one comes forward. The best part is that apps usually come in waves: alarm clock apps, camera filter apps, fitness apps, coupon apps and so on. The mobile app market is a […]

Mexican Artist Makes Instruments Out of Weapons

People make all kinds of art for all kinds of reasons, but generally, it’s to either tell a story or send a message (or both). When Pedro Reyes of Mexico City was given 6, 700 decommissioned weapons by the Mexican police, he decided to send a message. In 2008, Reyes had organized a voluntary weapons […]

Natural Food Dyes: Colorful and Health Conscientious

Most of us are aware that food coloring contains harmful dyes; why else would they have bizarre, code-sounding names like Red #40 and Yellow #5, eh? All joking aside though, we barely think about it, but we consume various food dyes daily because they are found in a lot of processed foods in the United […]

Make gifts extra special with these gift wrap ideas!

  Gift wrapping is an art form and through a little extra effort, it can transform a mediocre gift into an extraordinary one. The right wrapping can make a gift very memorable and give it a lot of personality, making it stand out and shine in a pile of gifts. Some companies understand this and […]

The Pocket Monkey: Little, Lightweight and Awesome

It’s a cellphone stand, a bottle opener, an orange peeler, a ruler, a letter opener, a screw driver and so much more. Plus, it fits in your wallet. What is this wonder tool? Nothing other than the Pocket Monkey, a 12-in-one, credit-card sized utility tool that was designed by the good folks over at Zootility […]

Blogs to Remember: People With Alzheimer's Write Through Their Disease

This moving article found on Mashable tells the story of two bloggers. What makes these writers worthy of being featured is their particular condition: they both have Alzheimer’s. David Hilfiker, 68, was diagnosed last September and although his disease has not advanced very far, he knows his cognitive demise is imminent. When Googling the disease’s […]

Photograph or Painting? You're In For a Surprise!

When you think of art it is easy to envision images far from reality and so creative that you are forced to stare and ponder what the artist was trying to express. Well, hyper-realistic paintings separate themselves from that expectation of detached reality. Hyper-realistic paintings look identical to high-resolution photographs because the artists use airbrushes […]