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The Future of Fashion is Here

collaborative project This Fits Me be designers Leonie Tenthof van Noorden and Eunbi Kim uses generative design to create unique, customizable garments that adapt to the wearer for the perfect fit.

Come On, Get Happy: SPY's New Serotonin Sunglasses

Jumping on the happiness bandwagon is Southern California eye wear manufacturer SPY, who just introduced a new line of happy sunglasses called Happy 20. Now, before you unhappy people start to roll your eyes, let us interject that there is actual science behind SPY’s joyous ocular accessories.

PIKKPACK: The DIY Leather Shoe

PIKKPACK is a new sustainable, DIY shoe made of 100% leather and natural fibers. Hungarian designer Sara Gulyas was designing her senior project for her master’s program at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest when she came up with the idea for a shoe that would encourage people to participate in the shoe-making […]

Artist Tells the Tale of Former Loves Via Shoe Sculptures

Every romance, regardless of how brief or long it may have been, has a story behind it. Some of us may prefer to keep silent about our past loves, but Artist Sebastian Errazuriz is kissing and telling in his new exhibition 12 shoes for 12 lovers–an intimate tribute to a dozen former flames. The overall theme […]

6 Ways To Vamp Up Your Old Bikinis

We usually give you tips about printing and marketing, but with summer in full force, we figured it’s time for some fun in the sun. And that means, it’s time for bikinis! But before you toss out those old, boring bikinis and go out and buy new ones, check out these DIY ideas for bikini […]