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Pantone's Color of the Year is Actually Two Colors for 2016

This year, Pantone breaks tradition naming 2 colors as its “color of the year” for 2016.

The Best Poster Designs of 2015: A Round-up

A roundup of the best poster designs of 2015, including movie posters, art posters and marketing designs.

Simple Business Card Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

Classic business card designs don’t have to be boring designs. These ideas are perfect for personal calling cards as well company business cards, and will never go out of style.

Corporate Brochure Design Ideas

Despite their effectiveness, brochures remain relatively inexpensive, which allows for increased creativity when you consider creating alterations of your design, an easy feat when you take advantage of these amazing templates

Six Templates to Get The Job Done

In this post, we’ve culled together some of our favorite templates, which can be used for a range of projects from brochures to flyers to business cards.

The Most Overrated Graphic Designs

FastCo Design put together a list of overrated graphic design by polling its readers. Check out the “winners”.

Förster Skateboards by MARCO & SVEN

Incredibly simple and minimalistic in design, these one-of-a-kind skateboards are handmade from a single piece of wood, smoothed and coated with grip tape, and then affixed with wheels.

Five Resources Every Designer Should Know

Simplify your resources, these 5 designer resources are all you need to find and save great fonts, ideas, tutorials and icons.

Save Energy with the Nanoleaf Bloom Lightbulb

Touted as a “dimmable light bulb that doesn’t need a dimmer”, the Nanoleaf Bloom doesn’t need any additional hardware or fixtures and can work with any on/off switch .

Spot UV: It's Not As Complicated As You May Think

Spot UV business cards can make a lasting impression, but creating them is a lot easier than you may think. Learn how to easily create files for Spot UV printing with this handy guide.

The WoodBlock Printing Press kit for Adobe Photoshop by Vintage Design Co.

The WoodBlock printing press kit for Adobe Photoshop by Vintage Design Co. lets designers create vintage looking letterpress designs easily.

Creative Shopping Bags to Get You Noticed

Clever design and advertising make for stand out shopping bags that cannot be ignored.

TextielMuseum and TextielLab's Pattern Based Visual Identity

Dutch design company created a beautiful and fitting set of visual identities for TextielMuseum & TextielLab that incorporates the textures of textiles and patterns based on the letters of the company’s names.

Amazing Conference Table Made From a Jet Engine

An impressive looking conference table made from a recycled jet engine can seat 12 people and charge your devices.

A Collection of Posters That Take Their Movie Titles Literally

Indian illustrator Danish Ahmeed creates cheeky posters that take movie titles literally.