Category: Art

The Amazing Sculptures of Beth Cavener

Montana Based sculptor Beth Cavener creates stunning clay animal sculptures that represent the fears and emotional struggles of being human.

The Emoji Portraits of Yung Jake

Net artist and rapper Yung Jake creates incredible celebrity and pop culture portraits using nothing but emojis.

One Mexican Neighborhood Reduced Violence with Street Art

Mexican government asked street artists to paint over 200 houses to unite the community and reduce violence.

Stephanie K. Clark’s Thread Paintings

Salt Lake City-based artist Stephanie K Clark creates embroidered paintings of houses, log cabins and cars that look almost surreal.

9 Squares: A Collaborative GIF Project for Nine Designers

9squares is an international collaboration between 9 different designer/animators. Each designer creates an abstract, 350px, 3 second animated square to make up a single GIF loop, from a 4-colour palette.

Stop Motion Nail Art

Manicurist Hatsuki Furutani lets her creative side loose and joins forces with +Ringby to bring to life the world of nail through a whimsical stop motion short.

Optical Illusion Paintings by Rob Gonsalves

The surreal work of Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves takes imaginative leaps from reality to create a body of work that can only be referred to as magical realism.

The Curious World of Hombre Mcsteez

Hombre_McSteez is an artist who draws cartoons on transparent cels and adds creatures into everyday life.

The Nervous System of Books

Artist Barbara Wildenboer creates amazing nervous system inspired sculptures out of old, found books and atlases.

Watch Time Lapse Footage of SOFLES' Incredible Light Mapped Graffiti Installation

Graffiti artist SOFLES shares a video of his biggest project to date “SOFLES Graffiti Mapped”, which took place at White Night Melbourne — Melbourne’s largest cultural festival.

Explore a 3D World of Magritte Paintings

animator Ali Eslami has designed a virtual room using the Unreal Engine, allows you to navigate your way a room created using scenes from surrealist painter’s René Magritte physics-defying body of work

David Irvine's Re-Directed Art

Artist David Irvine give old art new life by painting in pop culture icons to create comical unexpected collaborations.

Making A Gif That's Visible From Space

UK street artist INSA’s latest project in Brazil is animated gif installation so large it had to be photographed by satellite.

Liza Lou's Amazing Beaded World

artist Liza Lou creates beautiful life-sized replicas of every day setting using millions of carefully placed glass beads.

The Labyrinth: The World's Largest Pen Drawn Maze

The Labyrinth is a giant pen drawn maze. It is designed to not only be engaging, but when it’s done, it is a piece of modern art, with 365 of playable lines.