Category: Art

2016 Star Wars Propaganda Postcards

Take a look at this Star Wars propaganda set designed by Artist Russell Walks. Propaganda seems like a likely sight on Tatooine.

5 Instagram Accounts that Every Designer Should Follow

Instagram is a great place to find design inspiration, and we’ve made it even easier by narrowing down 5 of the best instagram accounts to follow for design inspiration.

The Remarkable Paper Craft of Raya Sader Bujana

Artist Raya Sader Bujana creates amazing 3D sculptures from paper using architectural techniques.

Three Graffiti Artists You Should Know

As graffiti grows in popularity, we highlight three talented artists who are helping bridge the gap between street art and high fashion.

3D Paintings That Play Tricks on The Mind

Patrick Hughes’ reverspective 3D artwork will play tricks on your mind as you move around it.

NASA's Retro Posters Celebrate the Future of Space Exploration

Nasa’s JPL design studio has created a beautiful series of imaginative retro posters celebrating the future of space travel.

The Book that Captures Every Color Ever

The RGB Colorspace Atlas is a huge book in which New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach has captured every color that exists in digital offset prints.

The Art of Noriko Ambe

Japanese artsist Noriko Ambe creates elaborately carved sculptures out of materials that range from wood to paper.

Experimental Ceramic Art by Tasmin Van Essen

In Tasmin Van Essen’s latest collection, she explores the erosion of biological forms through sculpture. Her work is almost too amazing to believe.

That's Not a Render! The Art of Cinta Vidal

The mind bending artwork of Cinta Vidal may look as they should be digital renders, but these Escher-like little worlds are actually hand painted in detail by the skilled artist.

The Work of Trapped in Suburbia

Trapped in Suburbia is all about creating works that interact with their audiences. Check out some of our favorite projects.

Sally Nixon's Highly Personal Illustrations of Women

Illustrator Sally Nixon creates honest images of women in their element.

DeepDream: An Art and Photo Mash Up!

DeepDream combines art and images using neural pathways to create some visually amazing images

Jon Newman's Sculptural Typography Gifs

Visual Artist Jon Newman creates whimsical, albeit a little dark, animated gif images that celebrate typography.

Jason Ratliff's Portraits Show the Superhero in Every Kid

The whimsical art of Jason Ratliff showcases how the imagination of children as they see each themselves, superheros.