Category: Architecture

Switzerland's Null Stern Hotel Has No Walls

You can sleep under the stars in this wall-less hotel in switzerland – a reinvention of the traditional idea of a room by Twin concept designers Frank and Patrick Riklin

Tiny Homes: How Architects Fit Luxury Into A Tiny Footprint

Small does not have to mean cramped. That’s what the designers and architects behind these three unique tiny homes set out to prove.

Turning a House Into A School With a New Roof

MAD Architect’s latest project in Japan transforms an old home into a state of the art educational facility by draping a new roof over the entire house.

Architectual Fun With Google Glitches

Artists use warped pillars and bent piping to recreate the look of google glitched street view on real buildings.

A Half Graffiti Paint Job Turns A Hotel Room into an Art Installation

Ukrainian artist Pavel Vetrov has created an interesting hotel room concept that creates a stark contrast between the chaos and color of street art and cold, ordered, minimalist design.

The Futuristic Abandoned Monuments of Former Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia’s futuristic-looking war monuments become eerie memories of a forgotten time as they sit abandoned.

France’s New Green Roof Law

In France, where the pollution is becoming a serious problem, legislators have enacted a law that requires new construction to build green roofs onto new structures.

Masdar City: The Worlds Greenest City

With no emission, go gasoline powered cars and no waste, Masdar city is the greenest city in the world. Take a tour of this United Arab Emirates city in a student video shot with a drone.

Boeing Builds a Beautiful Building Inside A Building

Design engineers at Boeing’s now work within a few seconds walk of the production line, instead of 20 minutes across the company’s campus because the company built their new office building inside the factory itself.

Pop-Up 3D Maps Make Finding Your Way Much Easier

Marjin van Oosten, a Dutch graphic designer based in New York, has created the Paper Pathfinder for the Rijks Museum; a map that pops up from compact 2-D form into a miniature 3-D paper model of the museum to help visitors get around.

Vertical Gardens and Converted Bunkers Become Beautiful Unexpected Homes

Clever archictects make use of their locations to turn small spaces and converted Bunkers Become Beautiful Unexpected Homes.

Penda's Reusable Bamboo Structural System

For less-developed areas where shipping containers are harder to come by and materials are scarce, a new option utilizing bamboo and rope has emerged thanks to the Beijing-based architecture firm Penda.

Architecture Roundup: The Best Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes are becoming increasingly popular and at the hands of creative architects and designers, they can become beautiful, livable homes. Check out our round up of the best upcycled shipping container home design, which range from cozy to futuristic, and are all packed to the gills with unexpected features, and space saving concepts.

Danish Firm BIG Commissioned to Expand the Headquarters of Swiss Watchmaker Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet, the luxury Swiss watchmaker, has commissioned Danish architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingel’s Group) to create the latest addition to their historic 140-year-old workshop-turned-headquarters, located in Vallée de Joux, western Switzerland.

An Old Building Takes on a New Dimension with a Beautifully Built Addition

Architects give a classic Manhattan Meatpacking district building a beautiful, modern, 3d addition while maintaining the building’s traditional design preserved.