Canon’s Textural Printing Lets You Touch Famous Works of Art

textural printing canon
For many of us, the closest experience we have with art occurs on a purely visual level. At museums and galleries, we are forced to stand behind a rope, experiencing the dips and valleys in the texture of a fresco or an oil painting with only our eyes.

Now, with new technology unveiled at the Canon Expo, the recognized imaging company showed off new technology that could change the way you interact with your images, making it so that you can touch pieces of art that have until now, been out of reach.

Looking at both color and gray-scale versions of the image, Canon’s textural printer determines the necessary number of UV ink layers needed to recreate the relief in the image and then begins printing it layer by layer. The machine works similarly to 3D printers, and is capable of recreating unique details such as the texture of the canvas and the drips and cracks of the paint the artist used, details that have until now been unable to be reproduced in traditional prints and reproductions.

The process is a lengthy one, but the results are an image that you can both touch and look at, and as a result, the prints have the potential to change the way we interact with fine art. The textural printers will allow fine art to be touched by museum visitors and reproduced and displayed globally without risk of damage.

Read more about the emerging technology and view the gallery from the expo here.




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