Cecilia Abadie is deciding whether or not to take legal action against the traffic citation she was issued on October 30, in California for watching T.V. while driving. Sounds pretty standard, right? Except Abadie wasn’t exactly watching T.V. She was wearing her Google Glass.

As most of you know, Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display, operated with vocal commands, that works like a projector to display information  onto a lens in the user’s eye-line. The smart spectacles are still a fairly new invention so traffic lawmakers have not yet had a chance to address their usage on the road. But that didn’t stop this policeman from pulling over Abadie for wearing her Google Glass and issuing her a ticket with the closest applicable violation he could find; the California law that prohibits drivers from driving with a visible video monitor or T.V. screen, state vehicle code 27602.

The officer also cited her for speeding at 80mph on a 65mph interstate in San Diego. Abadie defends that she was wearing the spectacles, but they were not on and claims that she regularly wears them while driving. The officer’s argument was Google Glass could obscure her visibility of the road and of other vehicles. Abadie is the world’s first person to get a ticket while driving and wearing the Google device.

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