Body painting isn’t just about donning a pale face in an effort to portray a more ‘realistic’ vampire on halloween; for some it’s a craft into which they put all their creative efforts and artistic abilities to create works of art onto a human canvas. Artists spend years learning how to paint elaborate pieces onto people, either for marketing purposes or for fun. Body art has slowly become more and more popular and as its popularity increases, we begin to see more body painting make its way into art news.

Italian Artist Johannes Stötter is a creative jack-of-all-trades. Founder of the Celtic-Folk-band Burning Mind, Stötter is a practiced musician with experience in instruments ranging from the violin to the whistle. But you most likely won’t ever hear of his success in the musical field.

Over the last 10 years, Stötter has dedicated his creative passions to perfecting the art of body painting, something that he has been passionate about for most of his life. Since picking up the fourth-place prize at the European Bodypainting Championship in 2001, Stötter has slowly been growing his collection of prizes and recognition, while fine tuning his craft, until he picked up the World Championship title in 2012 at the World Bodypainting Festival for brush and sponge. Stötter continues to push the envelope on the art of body painting and his website showcases some of the amazing work he has done.

Throughout his site, Stötter demonstrates that there are no limits to what it is he is able to replicate onto the human form. What is interesting about his work is that despite not considering himself a photographer, Stötter has the special ability to paint and shoot his subjects so that they are able to seamlessly blend with their surroundings within the limitations of a photographic frame. His most exciting work features these chameleon people, who are expertly painted to melt into their backgrounds, almost invisible, taking on the shapes and textures of the places they occupy. In this manner, Stötter basically removes the person from the portrait and challenges the viewer to re-examine the scene at hand to locate the person hidden within it.

In 2011, Stötter even took his amazing skill to the animated screen. Working with Cappy, a Coca-Cola owned fruit juice and fruit-flavored soft drink brand commonly found throughout Central and Eastern Europe, Stötter brought his painted figures to life for the commercial, showing how truly mind-bending his body painting can be.

Often, it is the white of an eye or the curve of a neck that gives it away, but with just one look at the expansive collection of work on Stötter’s portfolio, it is easy to see how he was able to claim the World Champion title. In addition to his Cappy commercial, Stötter now has a new video of his latest masterpiece, an incredibly detailed frog which uses five painted people. Watch the eerily moving amphibian, as well as some other works, on his YouTube channel.

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