Blogs to Remember: People With Alzheimer’s Write Through Their Disease

david hilfiker

This moving article found on Mashable tells the story of two bloggers. What makes these writers worthy of being featured is their particular condition: they both have Alzheimer’s.

David Hilfiker, 68, was diagnosed last September and although his disease has not advanced very far, he knows his cognitive demise is imminent. When Googling the disease’s course of progression, David says he found, “It was about a 10-year period, and you spend a year or two fairly well. There was a deep drop over a year or two, and then you spend four or five years dying.” He says on his blog that his symptoms are now becoming noticeable to others.

Instead of taking the disease lying down, however, David decided to share the news with his friends and family and start his blog, Watching the Lights Go Out, on Blogger. He uses the blog to share about his experiences and to shed light on common misconceptions about dementia. Almost as impressive as what David is doing is what David has done. The article also features the highlights of his amazing life of service and contribution, which are definitely worth noting.

The second blogger is 57-year-old Kris Bakowski. She was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s at age 46 and has been blogging about her life with the illness since 2003. She set out with the intention of correcting stigmas on the disease as well as to educate patients, caretakers, and even medical professionals.

Both of these people are an inspiration to all those living with or loving someone with dementia.




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