Blake Little Covers Models in Honey for His Latest Collection

blake little

Portrait photographer Blake Little is no newcomer to the photo game. He’s been an active shooter for over 30 years, having photographed for for publications such as Entertainment Weekly, People, Time, and ESPN the Magazine, and clients such as HBO, Pepsi, FX Network, Sony Music and Virgin records, just to name a few.

His latest series, entitled Preservation, is notable among his work and features stunning images of models covered in honey. Captured in the moment, these beautiful scenes make the model appear like a sculpture or man-made effigy to the gods.

To capture these shots, Little bathed his subjects in honey, capturing the sticky substance as it melted off their skin. The series has been critically well-received and draws on the influence of many old-world renaissance works. In a statement, Little explained that this old-world influence was no coincidence, and that the artist intentionally set out to create a historical catalog of a moment in time.

The series has recently been compiled into a book, which includes an introduction by the Associate Curator of Antiquities of the J. Paul Getty Museum, Kenneth Lapatin. In the intro, he explains, “Blake Little’s series of photographs presented here combine the old and the new in a bold way. His vivid images startle the viewer. They freeze the human form, preserving it not in proverbial amber, but rather – and unexpectedly – in honey, another natural substance millions of years old.” (For honey bees date back some 25-50 million years, preserved in the fossil record of the Eocene–Oligocene boundary.)









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