Black Friday Fails

Just a few hours after the nation celebrates everything it’s thankful for, shoppers line up outside stores to chase the biggest sales of the year, opening the Christmas shopping season. It’s called Black Friday because it is said to be the first time of the fiscal year that retailers are “in the black”, or turn a positive profit of net income. It’s characterized with fervor, shoving, mad mobs, sometimes even violence, and people who take it way too seriously. This post is dedicated to the best of the worst Black Friday shoppers who make fools out of themselves, year after year. Thank you for the entertainment.

Man Steals $250K from Wal-Mart


The south Topeka Wal-Mart was understandably distracted on Black Friday, 2011. Apparently, the unidentified man in the photo figured as much and took advantage of the chaos to sneak into the store and steal more than $250,000. The case is still open and has yet to be solved.

Relax Lady, Keep Your Wig On.

This video footage was taken (where else) in the Wal-Mart in Grand Rapids, Michigan when the doors opened at five a.m. The video shows several people being trampled, including this particular woman who was knocked over, but still had enough time to pick up her wig.

California Woman Uses Pepper Spray

blackfridaypeppersprayLast year, a woman in a California Wal-Mart (are we seeing a trend here?) sprayed and injured at least 20 people with a can of pepper spray. Victims said she was trying to push away other shoppers so that she could snag a half-priced XBOX 360.

Fight Ensues Over Phones

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 4.19.47 PM

This video captures a full-out brawl that breaks out over discounted phones. Catch this lady at 1:10 as she bites someone’s hand.

Black Friday Fails- Compilation

And to top it off, a compilation video.




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