Best Worst 4th of July Ads

This post is dedicated to celebrating the best fantastical failures of Independence day advertising. The best ads evoke meaningful sentiments that stay with you long after the promotion, sometimes even after the product is gone. These ads will definitely stay with you… but for a different reason.


couple on beach copy

“Let’s salute the martyrs this Independence Day.” This was apparently meant to inspire tribute to the fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom and independence. However, this shirtless man and his overly-dressed partner are borderline disrespectful. This ad is just awkward.


“Declare your independence from glasses and contacts.” Good ol’ Dr. Boothe. Didn’t anyone tell you can’t just slap an American flag on anything and make it patriotic? There’s cute and cheeky and then there’s cheesy.

jack daniels copy

This was the ad that inspired this post. I think it speaks for itself.


“Enjoy American freedom by celebrating British rule.” This Newcastle ad was reportedly an attempt to increase their July 4th sales in the States by creating a new holiday: Independence Eve. They obviously spent no more than 15 minutes on this graphic.


Because nothing says freedom and independence like PORK! And with their $1-off coupon, you can enjoy your flavor fireworks and your savings.




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