Behold, The Vespa Camera


While scooter shoppers have as many brands to choose from as car shoppers do, many are drawn to the beauty, design and retro aesthetic of Vespas. Their shape and lines are iconic in the scooter world and to the non-riders, the Vespa is usually what comes to mind when one mentions a scooter. Indeed, the word ‘Vespa’ has become an epynome and is now almost interchangeable with the word ‘scooter’ itself.

So when design students Rotimi Solola and Cait Miklasz asked themselves what would happen if Vepsa Piagio, the company that makes the Vespa scooters, ventured from manufacturing scooters to the world of consumer electronics, the result was something completely unexpected and beautiful. The two design students developed an industrial design concept of a digital camera created in the typical Vespa style. In fact, the final mock-up looks like it was taken straight from the body of the company’s famous scooter, sharing the same curved front panel and chrome accents that the bikes do.

Sadly, the project is just a mock-up for now and there is no indication that Vespa will actually be producing these babies, either themselves or in conjunction with an established consumer electronics developer. But hey, the Internet can dream. And with enough voices calling to make this happen, there is always the possibility of seeing the Vespa Camera embark on the same path to reality as the Instagram Polaroid Camera did.

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