Jimmy Nelson was 20 years old when he started working as a photographer in 1987. After spending a year traveling on foot through Tibet, he began a career photographing indigenous people and that career has soared ever since. The international acclaim and series of awards he received along the way inspired him to begin his latest project. In 2009, Nelson embarked on 31 journeys, visiting remote tribes all around the world that have been secluded from the rest of civilization. Nelson spent some time with each tribe, gaining their trust and learning their customs; the result was Before They Pass Away,  a breathtaking book featuring 29 once-in-a-lifetime photographic stories.

The project showcases the last tribes on earth in their traditional dress and jewelry and in their natural environment, but more impressively, it captures the pride and spirit of truly resilient people. The hard cover book and its 402 photographs are now available for sale. Definitely something to add to your Christmas list.


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