B&H Photo and video is one of the most well-respected sources for photographic equipment, reviews, and information. With the recent release of the new Lightroom 5 from Adobe, B&H has also released an impressive video series of masterclasses that can be viewed for free on Youtube. The entire series is compiled into a single post on for easy finding.

The four-part video series covers everything from the new features of the latest Lightroom to quick tips on how to edit your images the way the pros do. As a bonus, picture correct also includes a link to an in-depth video tutorial by photographer and educator Tim Grey which focuses on the two most-important functions of Lightroom worth mastering: The Library module and the Develop module.

All the videos are free to watch, which is a wonderful thing to know when you consider that the cost of the program itself runs at around $135. Watch them all on Picture Correct now.

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