Beautiful Portraits of Japanese Fighting Fish


Thai photographer and apparent fish lover Visarute Angkatavanich has a truly exceptional ability to capture one of nature’s most beautiful aquatic animals, the Japanese Fighting fish (or Betta, as they are commonly referred to in the US). Through his lenses, he captures these majestic creatures as they gracefully move in crystal clear water, making them look as if they have been caught in the midst of a seductive and mystical dance.

While there is not much information on Angkatavanich, it is clear that he must be using very good equipment including, to, but most likely not limited to, some excellent macro lenses, as well as employing his obvious understanding of perfect underwater lighting. Angkatavanich’s fighting fish may be his most beautiful work, but the photographer’s 500pc profile also features photos of other fish, each captured in their best light.

Below, are some of our favorites from his page, which you can find here.




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