Beautiful Aerial Photos Of Cruise Ships


Out at sea, the world can be a calm place, and every year, hundreds of tourists and travelers hop aboard cruise ships to take in some of the calm that the ocean has to offer – not to mention the all inclusive meals and drinks, and opportunity to explore new island paradises. But the ocean can also be a desolate place, with hundred of miles between sea and solid land.

In this series of photos by photographer Jeffrey Milstein, we see cruise ships from an aesthetic angle not often revealed to anyone other than birds and passengers in a fly-by. From above, these massive cities on the water look almost like figurines, their fully stocked decks, glistening pools and winding toboggans almost overshadowed by the vast black water on which they rest.

Shot on an incredible piece of photographic hardware, the Phase One IQ180 camera, these images capture a full 80 megapixels of incredibly detail shot in full frame, resulting in images with resolutions of 10,328 pixels by 7,760 pixels (by comparison, the highly touted iPhone 6 Plus camera shoots images that are 3,264 pixels by 2,448 pixels).

While cruises may not be for everyone, these amazing images do capture the one thing that cruise-goers often forget that they have at their fingertips: the solitude of the open sea. Floating in space, these ships look almost like alien UFOs stolen right out of the Fifth Element.

For those interested in getting an up-close look at these incredible images, Milsten’s work will be on display in several galleries around the United States.











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