Beacon – The Reinvention of the Payphone


New York City’s agreement with payphone vendors is coming to an end in 2014. Not at all surprising given the exponential growth of technology for mobile communications in recent years. With this inexorable event comes a competition aptly named Reinvent Payphones in which a company named Frog has created a stunning proposal called the Beacon,  and it won the “visual design and user experience” category of said competition. This is not your standard payphone by any means or definition, sporting a gestural interface you can interact with by merely speaking to it and motioning your hands. Making calls on this apparatus is only a fraction of the Beacon’s capabilities as it can also recommend restaurants, and by the use of the bottom screens ( yes, this thing has multiple screens ) it can advertise local businesses and provide a means for locals to send messages to each other among other functions. Read more about the Beacon here and see just what the future of payphones may bring, and with it a breath of life into an otherwise dying device.




Category: Inspiration, Misc