It’s easy to imagine that as children, the creative architects of the Danish firm Baumaum watched Peter Pan with eyes full of wonder. Never mind the fact that Pan and his little fairy had the ability to make anyone fly with the mere power of happy thoughts, for these guys, it was always about that tree fort. Oh the things they would have done to have one of those for themselves, but their parent’s were just not receptive. Not at all.

Thankfully, as an adult, there is no one to tell you what you can or can’t do. So if your childhood dream was to build a treehouse that could fit an army of your friends, why not finally make your dream a reality? Of course, as an adult, your tastes are a bit different, a bit more refined and well rounded. The Baumaum design group understands that just because your standards have improved you don’t have to give up your dreams. So they set out to create a series of elevated living spaces they call their ‘tree houses’.

Here are 4 of their designs: houses built for the child in you, but keeping in mind that child lives in an adult’s body.

1. The King Of The Frogs Treehouse


Although you always intended to move into your tree house, you understood the futility of telling yourself so. The comforts of home are just too many to ignore, and you never did figure out how to get running water into your little high rise apartment. The King of the Frogs treehouse builds on the idea of the treehouse as a safe haven, built in addition to instead as a replacement for the many commodities one comes to expect from a home. The King of The Frogs treehouse offers its inhabitants a private getaway hovering over a tranquil pond. Check out the rest of the images on HomeDSGN.

2. The Tree House


This beautifully designed and simply named Tree House is another example of the luxurious getaways that the Bremen-based studio is known for designing. However, this particular house is not all about aesthetic appeal; the treehouse is almost completely self-sustaining, running on an ingenious system that uses solar energy and CO2 to run heat and electricity throughout the house. Check out the rest of the images on HomeDSGN. Check out the rest of the images via ArchDaily

3. The Baumquadrat


Of all the houses that Baumraum has designed, the Baumquadrat is the most reminiscent of tree houses of yore. The simple cubic shape is updated with a state of the art interior and insulation system to protect it from weather year round, making it an ideal getaway at any time. The treehouse comes in a variety of colors and offer small landings synomous with the Baumraum style. Check out some additional images on the Baumraum website.

4. The Jungle House


The Jungle House is the most luxurious version of the treehouse. It is a pod-shaped lookout with a brilliant white, organically shaped exterior and an extremely comfortable and luxurious interior. The design was created by Andreas Wenning for Baumraum, but the house is still only a dream at the moment. You can see some additional photos on the Baumraum website here.

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