Awesome Door Hanger Designs for Your Next Marketing Campaign

door hangers
For new companies just getting their clutches around some market share, as well established businesses that want to reassert themselves to their local market, door hangers can be a great way to reach out to potential customers in your area.

However, as with most marketing materials, the success of your door-hanger campaign is tied to its design. Presented with an overwhelming or out-of-date design, potential customers are more likely to overlook your message, as they will be distracted. In order to help you avoid this unwelcome situation, we’ve compiled a collection of some of the most well-done, unique and standout door hangers that will ensure that your message makes it into your target’s homes.

The El Al Israel Airlines Door Hanger
Sure, its purpose is to keep housekeeping from waking you from a slumber, but the vintage-inspired design of these door hangers are a prime example of good design in action. Information could easily be printed on the back while, while the use of a visually appealing cover design helps the hanger be noticed right away.

Your Door is Your Face By Rav-Bariach
An Israeli company, door manufacturer Rav-Bariach, hits home with their tongue-in-cheek design. The door hanger is both eye-catching, and, by virtue of being something that recipients will most likely discuss with friends, packs the added bonus of extended reach, allowing companies who use similar fun designs to reach an extended audience as their targets pass information on to others.

The Nooner in the Union
Through visually appealing, saloon-inspired typography, Unique, a Sacramento University State volunteer group that brings innovative, quality entertainment to campus, delivers their meet-up invitations to local students, making sure that the language speaks to them.

GBH’s Branding for the Verb Hotel in Boston
gbh verb hotel door hanger
The image is the center of attention in these door hangers, that perfectly achieve a clean, minimal design without being boring. The vintage photography adds a warmth, depth, and appeal to these door hangers, which are modernized through the use of a clean sans serif typeface and witty copy.

Carter’s Window Cleaning Service
A simple, but vivid color palette and creative graphic design makes this promotional door hanger one worth looking into. Specifically created to target neighbors of existing clients, this type of door hanger lets area residents know that your services are available, fostering brand recognition with minimal extra effort.

Is it Burglar Proof?
burglar proof
A strong headline such as the one used in this door hanger for an alarm and security company is one of the easiest ways to ensure your door hanger is an effective marketing tool. In fact, often, the headline is the deal breaker in ineffective marketing; potential customers can easily lose interest before they ever read the rest of the information if your headline doesn’t make them want to learn more.

The Suite Sole Door Hanger
suite sole hanger
Charleston’s premiere sneaker boutique has created a beautiful, minimalist design. Prominently featuring the company’s location on a map and not much else, the door hanger impresses with its minimal patterns and stylized lettering. These types of door hangers are especially useful for companies whose products change often, as the lack of product images and classic design can be used again and again, regardless of new arrivals or sold out designs.




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