For as long as most of us can remember, the business card has been a staple of the networking scene. Copiously bridging the gap between service providers and prospective customers, and like everything, over the years, it has evolved. New and inventive ways of utilizing this age-old way of becoming known and accessible is a growing phenomenon, incorporating various uses. For example, one cheese shop created a business card that doubles as a cheese grater, brilliant! Now though, the idea that seems to be making quite a stir these days is the use of the augmented reality (AR) business card. Sounds pretty sci-fi, doesn’t it? Well the futuristic name pales in comparison to how these cards appear when they are used. By incorporating a framed box on the back (reminiscent of how QR codes are used) these cards, when used in tandem with a web cam and computer, create something thats truly spectacular. Found here is a collection of videos showing off various examples of these AR cards in action that you really must see to believe.

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