You know it’s time for a car wash when someone goes out of their way to drag their judgmental finger across your back window leaving the timeless “wash me” message on your car from your car. But what if your dirty vehicle could suddenly become an automotive, artistic masterpiece? That is exactly what artist Scott Wade of San Marcos, TX specializes in and filthy dust-covered cars have never looked so good. Scott lives on a mile and a half stretch of dirt road that is a mixture of clay, gravel and limestone dust which makes keeping a clean exterior hard to maintain. As you drive over it, this granular mixture forms a fine white layer of dust that covers the entire vehicle, making it the perfect sedimentary canvas for this unique artist to work on. While experimenting with shading, this film of dust proved useful as Wade quickly realized just how much detail he could put into the drawings he created on this newly discovered canvas, thus creating what he refers to now as his “dirty art”. Check out more of Scott Wade’s impressive dirty drawings¬†here.

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