If science was never your strong suit, then you are not alone. Still, while most people struggle through their science requirements while in school, there are always those burning questions that each of us are faced with in our daily lives that often make us wish we had paid a little more attention in class. Questions like “did the chicken or the egg come first?”, “how does music affect the brain?” and, “is using the snooze button a good idea?” are posed to us at every step we take in life, and often, finding clear and understandable answers can be a bit tricky.

Fortunately, AsapScience, an increasingly popular YouTube channel exists for that exact purpose. Using every day items and clear and precise language, the folks at AsapScience have put together a collection of videos aimed at answering the questions all humans ask themselves. The videos are short, direct and even entertaining, and address everything from the science of orgasms to whether or not you can trust your eyes. There’s even one that addresses the science of cats, one that tests the age of your ears and a song to help you remember the periodic table.

Created a little over a year ago by biologists Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, the channel was formed with the goal of explaining “the science behind the coolest things we learned in school, to talk about concepts that really resonate with people.” Since its inception, AsapScience has received glowing accolades and mentions from popular sites such as FastCo and Scientific America, who explained that “part of the key to holding the interest of their fans” is that the videos deal with biological concepts that are “relatable to the masses” a statement any viewer can agree to.

The channel has over 50 short clips ranging a vast variety of topics most of which have millions of views each. So, if you’ve ever wondered about the science behind morning wood, wanted to hear Bill Nye address whether we can stop an asteroid or pondered about what goes on in the ‘poop cycle’, then feast your eyes (and ears) on the gems we’ve posted below or peruse the collection for something that sparks your interest.

If you enjoy, make sure you subscribe to their channel, Moffit and Brown post new videos often. What’s even better is that the videos are based on questions asked in comments, so if you have a burning question you’ve always wanted an answer to, now you know where to ask.

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